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Lucy Ambrose funeral record, Topeka, Kansas
Martha Ransom obit Topeka, Kansas
Sample from Topeka City Clerk death register

These snippets show examples of original sources used to document most, though not all, Ritchie burials. They include Topeka City Clerk death records, newspaper obituaries, and funeral home records.


In future posts, we will discuss these record series and other, sometimes unexpected, sources of burial information. We will also credit the work of earlier researchers and their efforts to document burials at Ritchie.


Records of other Topeka cemeteries also proved to be especially useful in sorting out conflicting information and providing insights into some family relationships. 

The Details

Datasets & Sources

This purpose of this page is analogous to that of appendices. It will be used as a hub for accessing two types of information:  1) tables and dataset pages with person-specific data about documented burials; and 2) identification of research source materials related not only to burials, but also the more general cemetery history.  

As with the rest of the site, content will be added incrementally over time. Each major addition will be introduced via a blog post about the new content. Where appropriate, data limitations will be identified, as well as our approach to resolving data conflicts among sources.

Besides the most recent blog posts in the "details" category, this page will include links connecting to the following information:

  • A list of all known burials, including name, date of death, age, gender, race, birth state, and other characteristics

  • A list of potential burials

  • Source documentation for each person reviewed, including those ultimately determined to be buried elsewhere

  • Identification of 47 known family groups and their composition

  • Tennessee Town Census data for the people enumerated in it who are buried at Ritchie (the census was a survey conducted in the Tennessee Town neighborhood by the Central Congregational Church circa 1899)

Finally, we will provide standard source documentation for the reference materials used in our research.​

Links to Dataset Pages and Source Documentation


List of burials includes: name, date of death, age, birth state, race, gender; page also includes summary demographic data. The page is interactive, allowing the user to apply filters to the data. Also see the accompanying blog post, "Who's buried at Ritchie Cemetery?" for a discussion of data limitations. 

Identification of 47 family groups at Ritchie Cemetery, including 195 individuals in the groups. The page is interactive, allowing the user to apply filters to the data. Also see the accompanying Family Groups blog post for more information about the groups. 

Source Documentation

Recent Posts — The Details

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