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The Tennessee Town Census:
Households of People Buried at Ritchie Cemetery

Below is a table which presents some of the household-level characteristics reported in the Tennessee Town Census as they relate to households of individuals buried at Ritchie Cemetery. Forty-eight households are listed, sorted by the head of each household. As indicated in the table, not all of the heads of household are buried at Ritchie Cemetery. Also, some Ritchie Cemetery individuals associated with the listed households are not enumerated in the individuals portion of the Tennessee Town Census. 

The table is one of two which accompany the blog post, "Ritchie Cemetery and the Tennessee Town Census."  The blog post describes the Tennessee Town Census and summarizes some of the information it contains about individuals buried at Ritchie Cemetery and the households they resided in. While the table on this page features households, the other one presents information on individuals enumerated in the census. It is presented on a separate webpage.

At the end of the table are important explanatory notes regarding some of the information.

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